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future_glee's Journal

Where will the Glee kids be in the future?
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Anyone who watches Glee is treated to weekly glimpses into the lives of the McKinley High School’s glee club. However, with graduation looming around the corner, viewers are left wondering: what will become of beloved McKinley High graduates after they complete graduation?

This is a community where fans can post fanfictions, fanvideos, discussion, etc. on this very question.

Did Rachel become a big star just like she always dreamed? Did Finn escape from Lima? Did Jacob ever find love with someone who could love him back? Did Jess ever find the right outlet for his talent?

future_glee is not afraid to ponder these questions!


1. No drama, no being obnoxious, etc. This should be obvious.

2. Any spoilers (including song titles) from the most recent episode (and any future episodes) must be placed behind a cut until a minimum of 24 hours have passed since the first airing of the episode. This also applies to icons.

3. Add a subject line to your post, preferably about what you're posting.

4. Please do not change the font from default. If things look funky, you're probably posting in Rich Text. Just switch over to HTML and erase the things that shouldn't be there.

5. When posting fanfictions or fanvideos, use the following format:

6. Please tag your posts. If the tag you need isn't there comment on the tags post and I'll add it!

7. Posted fictions must not lead to friends locked entries at other journals or communities.

8. For graphic posts:

  • Images over 500px wide should be under a cut

  • Icon posts must have four icons or less above a cut

9. This is not the place for real person fanworks, please post elsewhere.

10. This community is for fans of any and all ships, so there will be no character or ship bashing tolerated of any kind!

11. No community advertising unless you have been given express allowance from the moderators!



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